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Icon Catcher 4.0 is a high-speed batch icon extractor and processor that can scan over 3000 icons
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20 July 2008

Editor's review

How to get rid of the plain old desktop you've been looking at for the past six months? Let's assume you like the wallpaper (or its absense) and wouldn't like to change that aspect too. The color palette seems to satisfy you too - a greenish gray taskbar and window borders are exactly what your eyes have been begging for quite a time. What's left? Icons. Where to look for them? The Internet? Good guess, wrong answer. You'll probably get ten times more from your hard drive with Icon Catcher.
Icon Catcher is a tool that scans your hard drive for icons, displays them in an easy-to-handle format and lets you copy icons to clipboard and save them as .ico or .bmp files. It extracts icons from any source, whether it is a plain .ico file, an icon library or an .exe file. The search results on this reviewer's system got astonishing results: more than thirty hundred icons were found in just under two minutes. Would you be able to find and download as many icons from the Internet in such a short time? Definitely not.
Unfortunately, in the evaluation version only scanning for icons is available: other features remain disabled till you register your copy. Try this tool today and catch every single icon on your hard drive!

Publisher's description

Finding necessary icon images for your shortcuts/documents is not easy task. Before downloading one of those gigantic icon collections, consider that one probably already exists on your hard drive! Average computer contains hundreds, even thousands of different icons "hidden" in a variety of files on your drives and you can get them all with Icon Catcher!
Icon Catcher 4.0 is a high-speed batch icon extractor and processor capable of scanning over 3000 icons in one minute. The program supports 32-bit XP-style icons with alpha channel. Icon Catcher can process icons with custom sizes, from monochrome to true color formats. Extended filtering options let the users select the color palette or size or combination of those parameters to make search for necessary icons easy and fast. The program extracts icons from any source files, including .ico, .exe, .icl, .dll, .scr, .ocx, .vbx, .dpl, .bpl and others, and allows users to later save the icons in libraries or separate .ico files.
The new version of software has a brand new improved user interface that is intuitive and very easy to navigate through large icon collections. The program does not require any special skills or knowledge and can be used by virtually anybody. Best of all, the BETA version is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. Download your copy now!
Icon Catcher
Icon Catcher
Version 4.2.37
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